Weekend Update

16 Sep

Pretty good weekend here in the OP. Kept busy but sure didn’t seem like we did much. Last year we attempted to find acorns for some fall decor but we started too late in our hunt. This week we happened to notice some full acorns laying around and thought it would be a good idea to grab them while we can (before those darn squirrels get to them!) I wanted to know the best way to preserve and use the found acorns so I did what everyone in the world does, I googled it… This is the first link I found and I went with it..

So Friday we headed out for a nice evening walk (weather was AMAZING!) and were on the hunt!


After collecting and cleaning we needed to kill off any bugs that might have made their way in, so we baked them for a couple hours at 200*. I didn’t realize that baking them would smell so good!


After that the caps needed to be put back on, so I glued them together while watching football (and drinking beer) in order to maintain my manliness (if I really ever had any..)


And here is the finished product…


I went a step further and did the whole vase thing like the blog did and this is my version..


Anyways, I digress.. Saturday we headed out at the crack of dawn for the St. Peter’s Barn sale (a really big garage sale…) This is the ONLY time Rachel gets up before the sun.. This place is so intense, people literally are lined up outside of 8 different buildings with hopes and dreams of finding a treasure or two..


We did pretty well, found some neat stuff and got a couple of things we needed. This place would be a lot better if we had a house and needed to decorate and fill spare rooms. They had everything! After a day of shopping it was back to OP for some football and naps. We then headed out to the Ale House for dinner and drinks. Nothing better than Octoberfest on special!


Sunday was a lazy day – it definitely helped that it rained all day. If you tried to watch the BMW Championship you know what I’m talking about. I was in a very fall mood (with the weather and all) and decided to get pumpkin’ed out.. I ended up making another batch of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and ‘Jack O’ Lantern’ pancakes.. Both tasted just dandy but the pancake faces could have been better..

IMG_1583  IMG_0143

I also headed out early to pick up a shoulder of pork to attempt at making homemade pulled pork in the crock pot. Total cook time was about 9 hours. It was DELICIOUS!


All the while it seems like we did a lot, I feel like we were pretty lazy. Lots of football was watched (and rightfully so..), good food was eaten, good beers were drank, and lots of relaxing took place.. We sure enjoyed out weekend – hope you did too! Already looking forward to the next (Heading to IU!!)

Until next time…


Our Wonderous, Sensational Engagement Carnival

30 Aug

When my mom had brought up the idea of having an engagement party, we were quickly on board.  I think engagement parties are all to often a thing of the past and something that gets forgotten among the other wedding celebrations.  Yet they are a time where family and friends can meet and celebrate, without feeling obligated to come or having to bring gifts.  What started off being “a casual BBQ with both families,” eventually lead to a more detailed affair, which was to be expected when my mom and sister plan a gathering.

The first details of the party were revealed to us about two months prior to the party.  At that time we knew we were having an engagement party, but didn’t know much more.  While we were a little nervous about what the theme would be, after it was reveled, we were excited! It would be an engagement carnival, with the colors being crimson & white.  (I have always LOVED school fun fairs, carnivals, county fairs, etc. & Michael, of course is fond of IU)


As the day of the party quickly arrived, Michael and I got to the house an hour before our guests were set to arrive.  This gave us time to go through the house and backyard and view everything that had been done.  From the personalized food & game signs, to the kissing booth and the matching bunting around the house, the presentation was truly something out of a magazine, yet the details made everything so personalized.

  IMG_4635  IMG_4603

IMG_4601    IMG_4602

IMG_4536    IMG_4539

IMG_4541        IMG_4535

IMG_4542       IMG_4594

As guests arrived they were given a name tag so everyone would know not only there name, but what their relationship was to either Michael or myself.  The party was off to a great start with everyone (or so I thought!) there, mingling and eating.  The party had been going smoothly and had already exceed our expectations, so I was a little taken back when I was outside and my sister had, rather urgently, called me into the house.  As I walked in the house, I quickly looked at my sister & realized that we had one more (or three more) guests. I can’t even describe the utter shock & sheer happiness that over came me when I saw Andrew.  And while I can’t speak for Michael, I’m pretty sure he felt the same way.  There truly wasn’t anyone else that could have made the day so special for us.  Andrew was our Matchmaker, and from the day that I first met him, has always had a special place in my heart, and has never been far from my mind.

IMG_4693                                IMG_4692


While pictures help capture the stock and happiness, there really are no words and not enough pictures to do that day justice.

After that high, the party continued on as a toast was given, games were played,  lots of food was consumed, prizes won, pictures taken and kisses were given.  We were presented with our engagement book that included Our story, and our families pictures & well wishes/advice they had for us. Its something that will be kept and looked back at for many years to come.

       DSCN1727                                     DSCN1740              DSCN1770        DSCN1713

       IMG_4859                DSCN1651

The party wasn’t only successful but left Michael and me feeling (even more) excited about whats to come and so loved. While I wouldn’t expect anything less from my mom and sister (who’s creativity, thoughtfulness and thinking came long before Pinterest) to have thrown a party with such personalized detail and presentation, We’re still amazed and feel so much gratitude what they did for us.

And while the party was much enjoyed, I loved (and now miss) the phone calls and texts from my parents and sister, laughing and telling us how much fun they were having while planning the party.  Putting my sister on speakerphone so she could tell us stories from party planning (without giving anything away) was something that was always fun & now that the party is over.

Our engagement party is something that we will forever be grateful for our family that came & made it possible.  After all, a family that clowns around together, stays together!

IMG_5023   IMG_5017

Weekend Update

12 Aug

Wow! Where has time gone? I can’t believe it’s been over a MONTH since I last wrote, thus I’m sure  you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wanting to know what the heck has been going on with us. Fear not, you haven’t missed a thing! We’ve been busy but nothing too exciting. Took a little vacation with the family in early July down to Anna Maria Island in Florida. Had a few house guest and took a close trip or two. As I write I struggle to remember what all we have done in the last month and a half. Hopefully I don’t miss much but anywho, here we go…


And while in Florida I got to see one of my FAVORITE girls


We are still in the midst of wedding planning and without giving away too much, (we’ll give out details soon don’t worry!) we have been working with some caterers, and we were even offered a tasting. Why yes, I would like to eat your food for free, thank you very much! Again, not trying to give away the too much, sorry!


Along with caterers, venues, colors, schemes, photographers, etc etc etc; we also decided maybe we could start a registry. I know it’s waaaay early for that but figured it wouldn’t hurt to have something on paper come Christmas time when people are asking for ideas.. So we headed to (Redact) in downtown Chicago. I thought this would be the easiest part of the whole wedding experience. I mean picking out what you want from a vast selection, come on! I could not have been more wrong! TOO MANY OPTIONS!!


Now that we’re caught up a little bit.. This past weekend we headed down to Lafayette to celebrate Kendrick’s 6th birthday! He’s so old, which makes me feel so old! Saw lots of family and had ourselves a good time. Even Arie made the trip and met her puppy cousin Leela. There might have been a few minor incidents, but no dog was injured!


Also had some fun in the bounce house!


And on our way home we stopped off at Albanese Candy Factory. Highly recommended!


OK, I promise I will try and keep up on our post and not go over a month without writing! But until next time!

Fun Friday

28 Jun

So today was pretty much known as Chicago Blackhawks Day here in the Windy City. I am fortunate enough to have an awesome boss that gave us all the day off and threw a party at the office to enjoy the parade, rally and festivities. The parade route went right in front of our office so were had a perfect view! Along with the parade and party we had the whole Friday to enough the great weather and three day weekend, so we made the best of it!!

Here are some pics from the parade..


This would be your Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews holding onto the Stanley Cup


Coach Quenneville


From left to right, Patrick Kane (Conn Smythe Trophy winner), Brad Saad, and GK Corey Crawford.


After the parade we watched the rally on TV and were glad about it. We didn’t want to battle the crowds of hundreds of thousands of fans. We then took a stroll downtown and grabbed some lunch.


This is what a REAL Chicago style dog should look like.


This is NOT!


A somewhat successful attempt at getting the ‘Chicago’ sign in the background.

After getting back in town we had a handful of errands to run and decided to keep the party going, so we headed to the Brown Cow for some snacks.


My root beer float was MASSIVE, much better than Rachel’s dinky single scoop sundae. (Mine had two scoops). What could make these tasty treats even tastier, you ask? How about FREE tasty treats! That’s right. We used our Belly Cards are got’em on the house.

After a lunch and a treat like that we needed to walk it off. As we were taking Arie out, we noticed some of the damage from yesterday’s storm. This tree was probably 100 feet tall!


And what kind of day isn’t followed up by a nice night cap? After all, it is the weekend…


Who says you can’t find three decent glasses of wine in one convenient ‘container’??

Well this was our fun Friday ‘vacation’ day. Hope you had a fun Friday, too. We are sure wiped out!!

Weekend Update

27 Jun

A little midweek weekend update for ya.

Thursday we heading out to the Animal Care League’s 40th Birthday party downtown OP.


We also happened to find Arie’s long lost sister…


We had no idea there was a whole slew of events going on. Come to find out they do this every Thursday. Looks like we now have more plans!


Saturday we hit up Rachel’s cousin’s wedding. A very fun time for sure. The first time we’ve been able to get all fancied up!


Saw some family and met a few new peeps as well.


Sunday we went a little Nicole Curtis on the village of OP. Found a few gems, like a good conditioned 5 foot mantle. And this new basket/bed for Arie.


But for some reason she still thinks she belong in my spot…


Monday we did some wedding planning and went to meet with a prospective caterer. While there, a big ol’ storm came thru town, which reiterates my feelings; yes, planning a wedding can kill you! Just glad this wasn’t my car..


Or my powerline..



We are inching ever so closely to our FL vacation. Only a week away!!

See ya next time

Since We’ve Been Gone

18 Jun

Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve taken our lives to the web. I can’t believe it’s been a month and a half!! I’m sure you’ve all missed us deeply. Fear not, we’re back and stronger than ever. Just going to try and give ya a run down of what we’ve been up to in the last month +.


Last time we talked, it was still a weep bit chilly, but alas, it’s finally warmed up and spring has sprung (and now it’s almost summer..)


With warm weather comes more time spend outdoors and in the park, which we are all a fan of!


And as every lady knows, when you’re out more, you HAVE to be lookin your best!


A few weeks ago, Alex got hit with some pretty nasty storms, and we lost a nice little tree in the front. So I headed home to see the folks and help with the clean up. I mean com’on, how could I pass on a chance to use a chainsaw!?


The ‘new’ look to the front of the house. (PS, it’s missing a tree..)


One weekend we headed to Sycamore and Arie kept herself pretty busy watching out for chipmunks and chasing them around. She can’t wait for July when she’ll spend a week there.


Again, ‘a couple weekends ago’ we headed up to Mikwaukee to see a brewers game.


Oh, and I got to see my bud, Alex. Weird how that worked out.


Last weekend we hit up the ‘Mojo Express’ to use our free coupons for a drink and a snack. Don’t mind if I do!


And of course we celebrated Father’s day!


Alas, with the warm weather, I’ve been trying to run more. Been taking Arie with me and when we get home she just crashes wherever she falls…

Unitl next time, and hopefully it won’t be so long!!

Indiana Weekend Update

28 Apr

What a fun/busy/long weekend we had! We headed down to Indiana to partake in the March of Dimes for our miracle baby, Jack with the Jack’s Pack crew.


But Friday we headed to the movies right after work to see Big Wedding. Hit the early showing so we could be home early since we had to get up at 4 the next morning to drive to Lafayette.


Saturday was full of family, fun and of course eurchre.


Should have brought some shades, huh?


We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!


Its the Holiday Armadillo


Getting schooled by a 5 year old..


Arie took her first (we think..) swim. She was not a fan..


Should never roughhouse around a pool..


because it’s all fun and games, until someone gets hurt..


Arie was definitely a crowd favorite! Arie and Jack saying goodbye, for now..

Sunday we headed home and boy did we crash hard! What a long but exciting weekend! Great seeing everyone and missed those who couldn’t make it.

Until next time!